Running one of the Strategic Plan goals of the Company, in the week of 12 to 20 February 2016, Vitor Castilhos and Jorge Avila, President and Vice President respectively of the South Seas Aviation traveled to Berlin, Germany, the purpose of achieving the negotiations for opening branch South Seas Aviation Europe.

They met Anna Filippini, who was hired as Director of Marketing Europe, which had already prepared all the way for the realization of this goal. Anna has experience in aviation, acquired in the EMBRAER material area in Brazil, now residing in Berlin took the lead of the company in order to expand in the northern hemisphere.

Arriving in Berlin, there was the meeting with Ms. Filippini, who kindly showed the tourist sites of Berlin.

During the stay in the country, there was reunion with the counter for definition of the type of company that would open. After discussed and defined the relevant points in the process, there was the meeting with the lawyer to sign the documents, which enabled the opening of bank account in the country. Met all requirements of German law, was created SOUTH SEAS AVIATION UG.