SAS sports new livery upon renewing its fleet

The Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has revealed a new livery that will be present on their aircraft, starting with newest jets ‒ the Airbus A350 and the A320neo. The new paint job is a contemporary “take on classic Scandinavian design”, highlighting the next chapter in the airline’s book, as SAS is undergoing a fleet renewal program.

The new and rather bland livery is a “symbol of our future, a more sustainable and competitive future for SAS, but one that also embraces our heritage”, said the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Scandinavian airline, Rickard Gustafson. “Travelers from Scandinavia will recognize their home” and foreign passengers will come across “the renowned feeling of the Nordics”, he added.

The changes from the previous colors are a “fresher shade of gray”, which features an advanced coating material, reducing the number of layers that need to be applied on the fuselage, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, a “proud and confident” SAS logo will appear at the front of an aircraft, while the blue tail at the back of the plane will also extend to the underbelly. New addition will be the word “Scandinavian” on the belly of the aircraft, with the same word is changing color on the aircraft’s engines. In addition, the flags of Denmark, Norway and Sweden “have been updated in a modern, elegant way”.

The new livery will be present on all aircraft by 2024, according to the airlines’ plans. Currently operated aircraft will be repainted during planned maintenance, while newly delivered jets will feature the fresh coat of paint as soon as they roll out of the paint shop. SAS plans to have 96 new Airbus aircraft by 2023. The airline currently flies 159 aircraft, with an average age of 10.2 years, according to data. SAS aims to reduce its emissions by 25% by 2030, and one of those ways will be to replace the inefficient Airbus A340 quad jets with the new A350, while the A320neo will allow the aging Boeing 737s to retire from the airline’s operations.

Take a look at the new livery:

All pictures are courtesy of SAS.



Image: SAS