Russian company sues Boeing to cancel MAX order

Less than a month ago, Boeing CEO thanked customers for their understanding during the MAX grounding crisis, stating that there were “no order cancellations”. Now, the situation is changing as Russian company is reportedly seeking to not only cancel MAX order, but also to get a lengthy compensation.

Avia Capital Services, aircraft leasing company subsidiary of Russian state-owned conglomerate Rostec, has 35 Boeing MAX aircraft on order. The company has filed a lawsuit in the United States claiming over $225 million from Boeing, Financial Times reports. The sum includes a $35 million deposit for the planes, as well as interest, compensation for damages and punitive damages.

AeroTime has reached out to Boeing regarding the lawsuit. However, the company’s spokesperson declined to comment, stating that that due pending litigation “we do not have any comment at this time”.

Back on August 7, 2019, Boeing Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg said that airlines remained the company’s “firm partners” despite months long MAX grounding and the perspective of receiving their future MAX orders with lengthy delays. Muilenburg also added that the U.S. plane maker “had no order cancellations”.

Boeing is currently facing multiple lawsuits, ranging from Lion Air flight JT610 and Ethiopian Air ET302 victims’ families, to 737 MAX pilots. Several airlines have also threatened to claim compensation from the manufacturer, starting with Norwegian. In fact, the company’s spokesperson Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen mentioned the idea to “send the bill” to Boeing as soon as the aircraft was grounded worldwide, on March 13, 2019.



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