Airbus deliveries fall to 42 aircraft per month in August 2019

Within the first eight months of the year, Airbus has delivered 66 more commercial aircraft than during the same period in 2018. In the first eight months of 2019, Airbus has delivered 500 commercial aircraft. But with the yearly delivery target set between 880 to 890, the effort seems to fall short of the goal.

To reach its goal, Airbus has four months and 380-390 aircraft to be delivered, which translates to approximately 96 aircraft per month. While in some months this year the company was rather close to the target (with delivery rate of 70+ planes/month and even 81 in May), the setbacks in others but the average rate at 62 aircraft per month.

Two months ago, presenting the first six months results, Airbus addressed delivery challenges, admitting that: “The second half of the year in terms of deliveries and in particular free cash flow continues to be challenging”. And challenging they so far are.

August was the second worst month this year in terms of deliveries. While in July the manufacturer delivered 69 aircraft, the rate fell to only 42 in August. In total, customers took three A220s, five A350XWBs, six A330-900s and 28 A320 Family aircraft.