737 MAX groundings put pressure on Boeing deliveries in Q3 2019

The U.S. based manufacturer has announced its deliveries for Q3 2019. The results showcase that Boeing, which is still battling the aftermath of the two deadly 737 MAX crashes, has not yet recovered, as commercial aircraft deliveries have fallen further. In total, Boeing delivered 63 commercial aircraft to customers – compared to Q3 2018 result of 190 deliveries, the latest numbers show a drop of 66.8%.

The 787 Dreamliner generated the biggest cash flow for the company, as customers accepted 35 Dreamliners in total, making up for more than half of the total deliveries in Q3 2019. Other wide-bodies were also represented on the list, as Boeing gave the customers keys to ten 767s, 12 Triple Sevens and one Queen of the Skies, the 747.

737 MAX crisis is most evident in the narrow-body delivery results – in Q3 2018, Boeing transferred 138 737s. During the same period in 2019, the company delivered only five narrow-bodies. Japanese low-cost carrier, Skymark Airlines, received the last ever commercial 737NG delivery on June 27, 2019, meaning that Boeing is looking at a quarter without any 737 deliveries to a commercial airline if the groundings do not lift in Q4 2019.

However, how much damage financially Boeing has conceded will be evident when the company will reveal its Q3 2019 financial results on October 23, 2019. In the previous quarter, the executives in Chicago announced the biggest losses in the company‘s history – but in Q2 2019, the company delivered 90 jets. With further dwindling cash flows due to the decrease in completed order numbers, Boeing might be looking down towards an even bigger hole in its finances.


Source: https://bit.ly/2ovSOlp

Image: cpaulfel